Our Church Building

Senior Pastor
Hunter Mizar 

Associate Pastor
 Nate Burris

Soccer Camp & VBS

How we got here:

Weiser Church of the Nazarene was organized on February 10, 1924 with 30 charter members. In July of 1926 plans were drawn up for a new Building and members and friends were canvassed to raise money for the property on W. 4th and Idaho. In December 1927, the first service was held in the basement with District Superintendant Sanners preaching the opening sermon.

In May of 1933 the church building was finished! April 1934 the Church Board voted to create a time of amusement and recreation at the church so that the youth would not look to the world for entertainment. This was very similar to the programing provided through Caravans and other Youth activities that we have today.

May 1938 the church raised enough money to buy new songbooks and 100 copies of the Herald of Holiness.

July 1941 a home was purchased for $2,000.00 and Rev. James Barr and his wife Pearl were the first to live in what is now known as the “Parsonage”.

1945 we held the first recorded VBS, with 74 enrolled and an average of 50 attending.

Winter 1949 problems with the roof occurred and the Church Board decided to have it shingled and oiled.

1950 we out grew the church building and a building fund was established and a new property was sought. November 1 951 it was decided that instead of buying another piece of property, they would borrow $15,000.00 and add onto the present structure.

In 1958 the parsonage was remodeled and subsequently finished in 1959.

The property for the Fellowship Hall was purchased in 1959 and the building was built around 1967/1968.

1973 a bus was purchased to help bring children to Sunday School and Children’s Church which met in the Fellowship Hall.

The winter of 1988 - 1989 started the beginning of the end of our “old” church building. Therefore our Church Services were moved into the Fellowship Hall. Sunday School Classes and the Church office were still located in the ‘old” church building.

In 1992 we added an office, three classrooms onto the Fellowship Hall. In 1994 the then existing office was divided and two more rooms were added for Sunday School.

On February 9, 1997 a 5 Acre Parcel on Stubb Lane was purchased to build the new church. This was going to take us 10 years to pay off but God interceded and it was paid off exactly one year later on February 9, 1998.

February 1998 we moved Sunday School and Worship Services to the High School. In 1999 we moved back to what is considered now the Church Building today.

In 2003 we found a piece of property located on the corner of Valley View and Indianhead Road, a 7 acre parcel, which we purchased. At the same time that the Indianhead property was purchased, The Stubb Lane was sold at a profit! In 2004 we hired an architect and we broke ground for our “New” Church Building. In 2005 we were very blessed to have the initial excavation donated, a water well was dug and power was brought into the building site.

In 2012 the long dream of relocating the church was completed and the building was ready to be used for ministry to our community.  

In 2017 we were able to sell the parsonage of the church and put all of that money towards debt reduction of our new church building.